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Bio-Hazard & Trauma Cleaning

Our teams are trained to fully risk assess each unique situation, allowing the appropriate choice of PPE, equipment and cleaning product to be identified.

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sanitising technology

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ULV Fogging Machine

Nozzles can atomise both oil-based and water-based fluids. 

CE approved fogger constructed of corrosion resistant materials.

Output micron size can be adjusted from 15-40 microns for a fine light fog to a coarse mist.

Perfect for applications such as:

  • Disinfecting
  • Spot odour control
  • Local pest control
  • Humidifying
  • Planes, trains, coaches, taxis complete disinfection
  • Hotel room smoke odours
  • Care home odour control and disinfection
  • Ambulances, Dental and GP surgeries and waiting rooms
  • Rental car turnarounds
  • Pesticides
  • Sanitisers

We can sanitise any property or surface to safely remove viruses and bacteria such as Covid-19, MRSA, Hep B/A/C, HIV, Noro virus etc.

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ATP Monitor

All our work is in conjunction with the use of an ATP monitor to show reduction and elimination of bacteria, along with quat testing and UV light testing where necessary.


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Biohazard Clean-Up

Bishops Stortford, England

Hills Specialist Cleaning were called in the early hours of the morning to respond to a biohazard clean-up.

The teams were mobilised and onsite within 2 hours to offer an Emergency Response service.

The teams quickly and diligently dealt with the biohazard clean-up, removing the waste for onward disposal and disinfecting the area as appropriate.

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Needle Pick

Colchester, England

Hills Specialist Cleaning were called to assist with a clearance of waste and perform a needle sweep.

The teams were mobilised and proceed to needle sweep the area and clear the waste as appropriate.

The waste was treated for bio-hazard contamination and made safe for onward disposal.

Your Bio-hazard & Trauma Cleaning taken care of!

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