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Hazardous Waste Removal

You must make sure hazardous waste produced or handled by your business in England causes no harm or damage.

Waste is generally considered hazardous if it (or the material or substances it contains) are harmful to humans or the environment.

Examples of hazardous waste include:-
asbestos / chemicals, such as brake fluid or print toner / batteries / solvents / pesticides / oils (except edible ones), such as car oil / equipment containing ozone depleting substances, like fridges / hazardous waste containers.

(Source: www.gov.uk/dispose-hazardous-waste – 23.04.20 )

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Safe Disposal of Chemicals
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Bulbs & UV Lamps
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Alkaline Batteries
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Adhesives (e.g. superglue)
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Empty Aerosols
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Full or Part-Full Paint Tins
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Mineral Oil (Packaged)
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Contaminated Rags/Granules
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Oil Filters
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Oil Contaminated Containers
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Waste Electrical Clearance (WEEE)
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Oil Spillages
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