Trauma Bathroom Clean

Trauma Clean – Bathroom in Assisted Accommodation

Trauma cleaning covers many circumstances. In this case bereavement and age incapacity led to the need for a trauma clean for a bathroom prior to regular housekeeping arrangements being put in place

An elderly man living on his own in a warden assisted accommodation had suffered the loss of his wife and felt he couldn’t do the jobs she used to.

We were contacted to see if we could help as he wasn’t managing and had shown signs of depression due to his flat looking in disrepair.

Our team are trained, extremely supportive and understanding of all situations and after a first initial visit to introduce ourselves, we were able to reassure the gentleman we wouldn’t move his wife’s belongings and respectfully put back items exactly as they had been positioned.

The next visit we made sure we had enough time to make tea for our client and a chat making him feel at ease and not rushed.

A trauma clean is always difficult for families but we adapt for each situation to make it as smooth running as possible. We use the correct chemicals to deal with each potential bio hazard and dispose of waste correctly causing as little stress as possible to the client.

We are pleased to say he was really happy with the cleaning and has asked us to attend his cleaning regularly due to the fact that our teams of housekeepers are consistently the same each visit.

Trauma Clean - Bathroom

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